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Wooden Hedgehog House Hogitat With Bark Roof (Set of 2)

Wooden Hedgehog House Hogitat With Bark Roof (Set of 2)

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Providing a shelter for Hedgehogs gives them places to hibernate during the winter, somewhere they can be safe and warm, out of harms way. This is especially important nowadays as recently, hedgehogs have been nestling down in bonfire stacks before they are lit; with tragic results.

Made from wood (untreated - which is best for the hedgehogs as it emits no fumes), the hedgehog house has a large opening at the front so the hedgehog can get in easily, but small enough to keep foxes and predators out. The roof being made of bark, blends in with surrounding flora, with only the cute Hedgehog sign above the door giving a clue to who is inside.

* Measures 34cm x 19cm x 17cm
* Set of 2 hedgehog houses
* Natural bark roof
* Untreated wood

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFJ966
Dimensions: 17cm x 34cm x 19cm

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