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Willow Potato Storage Hopper Basket

Willow Potato Storage Hopper Basket

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Storing potatoes in a woven wicker hopper protects the produce from daylight whilst allowing air to circulate - these conditions give you the best chance of prolonging their life. Our attractive potato hopper is hand woven with a removable lid and measures 50cm high by 30cm in width & 30cm in depth (45cm including the picking mouth). Depending on their size, the hopper can hold 15-20kg of potatoes.

The traditional design of the potato hopper features a wide mouth at the base, enabling the produce that has been in the store for the longest time to be picked first.

* Willow storage baskets that will hold its strength for many years
* Handmade wicker potato storage hopper
* Allows air to circulate to improve potato quality
* Keeps the crop aired and shielded from light

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GF963
Dimensions: 30cm x 45cm x 50cm

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