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Willow Potato Hopper And Vegetable Storage Basket Set

Willow Potato Hopper And Vegetable Storage Basket Set

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Storing potatoes in a wicker hopper protects the produce from daylight whilst allowing air to circulate - these conditions give you the best chance of elongating their life. Our attractive spud hopper is woven with a removable lid and measures 50cm high by 30cm in width & 30cm in depth (45cm including the picking mouth.) Depending on their size, the hopper can hold 15-20kg of potatoes.

The traditional design of the potato hopper features a wide mouth at the base, enabling the produce that has been in the store for the longest time to be picked first. To stop the potatoes chitting (sprouting) we do recommend keeping the hopper in a dark, cool room or corner of the kitchen.

Our woven willow vegetable storage basket gives off a beautifully rustic air and looks great on any work surface – an attractive and practical way of keeping all your vegetables and fruit fresh and ready to hand.

Our basket has not just been designed for practicality; Measuring 50cm tall by 30cm in diameter, it has two generous compartments to house your fruit and veg, and the woven structure shields the produce while at the same time allowing a free flow of air, helping keep it in the freshest and best possible condition.

* Willow storage baskets that will hold its strength for many years
* Handmade wicker potato & veg storage hopper
* Allows air to circulate to improve onion quality
* Keeps the crop aired and shielded from light

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFL112
Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm x 50cm

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