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Traditional Wooden Apple Storage Rack (5 Drawer)

Traditional Wooden Apple Storage Rack (5 Drawer)

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These wooden storage racks are ideal for storing apples, fruits, and vegetables. Apples stored properly can be enjoyed well into Spring and siting these wooden storage trays in a cool place such as the garage or shed, helps keep your produce as fresh as possible.

Made from wood, the 5 separate drawers can be used independently from the rack if so desired, but they easily slot into the framework to create a simple and elegant storage solution that can significantly increase the life of your delicious fruit crop.

Top tips for making the most of your apple storage: When your apples are ripe, discard any that are bruised or damaged, dust off those you want to keep and wrap them in newspaper before placing them in your apple store. Be careful not to overfill the drawers and risk damaging your harvest.

* Drawers measure 5cm high by 50cm wide and 60cm deep
* Comes flat packed & requires home assembly
* Strong construction for a long life
* Made from wood

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GF5840
Dimensions: 60cm x 59cm x 83cm

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