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Straining Bag for Traditional Fruit Press with T Handle (12 Litre)

Straining Bag for Traditional Fruit Press with T Handle (12 Litre)

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This straining bag is designed to be used with the Selections Traditional Fruit and Apple Press with T Handle (12 Litre) or models of similar specification. Straining bags are used to stop the pips and stem (and any other debris) from flowing into the pressed apple juice

The straining bag is made in a mesh style, this is to allow liquids to drain through the bag whilst keeping any unwanted residue or debris. Expertly stitched for strength to ensure you may continue pressing with no worries about over filling the bags. These bags are designed to hold a volume of 12 litres worth of fruit that can then be used with our traditional fruit press. Each bag is designed to work in unison with the fruit press of its volume.

Once the chosen fruit has been gathered, place them into the bag as is. The straining bag will stop debris and other fruit pulp junk from flowing into your juice buckets. Then follow the instructions provided with the fruit press and you can begin producing pulp and debris filtered fruit juices.

With this bag there should be no worries about any unwanted stalks, pips or pulp tainting your freshly pressed fruit juices.

* Suitable for 12 litre press
* Measures 45cm x 43cm
* Easy to use

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFJ144
Dimensions: 44cm x 43cm x 0cm

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