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Squirrel Proof Hanging Bird Seed Feeder (Set of 2)

Squirrel Proof Hanging Bird Seed Feeder (Set of 2)

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Keep squirrels away from bird food with this ingenious bird feeder. Coming complete with a large hanging hook (16cm x 15cm), this feeder has an array of features to try to keep the wily squirrel away from precious bird food. Firstly, it has a metal lid to stop squirrels from gnawing through to the food from above.

The lid has a closing mechanism that is undone from underneath, this lid then overhangs the seed container by 3.5cm all round making it hard for the squirrel to navigate. Underneath this, there is another metal baffle of the same dimensions that creates another obstacle in the intruders path.

Finally, the perches in front of the metal feeding ports are spring loaded, so if a squirrel does get this far, they will have their footing removed as soon as they place weight on the perch. The feeder also comes with 3 inserts that can be placed in the feeder ports to make them suitable for niger seed.

* Squirrel resistant bird feeder
* 3 metal feeding ports
* Spring loaded perches
* Overhanging baffles
* Set of 2 feeders
* Metal lid

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFL146
Dimensions: 17cm x 17cm x 42cm

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