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Squirrel Proof Baffle Protection for Wild Bird Feeders (Set of 2)

Squirrel Proof Baffle Protection for Wild Bird Feeders (Set of 2)

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A pair of protective domes, 40cm wide, that have been found to successfully prevent the wily squirrel and other predators from reaching bird food. These super smooth, slippery domes can either be attached to the poles of bird feeding stations or used with the supplied hanging hook to suspend a feeder below.

If using with a feeding station, the baffles stop the squirrels getting up the pole to the food by creating impenetrable barriers - they can't get past the curved underside of the domes. If using the hook and suspending bird feeders below them, they protect from above by preventing the squirrel from getting a grip, so it slides off as it climbs down from the branch or hook.

The squirrel baffles also give protective cover from the weather while birds feed, while at the same time keeping the seeds or nuts dry and less likely to deteriorate.

* Can be used with feeder stations or feeders
* Helps prevent squirrels reaching feeder
* Super smooth no grip surface
* Hook attachment included
* 40cm wide dome

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFJ430
Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm x 22cm

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