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Set of 4 Fleur de Lys Design Metal Fence Panels (112cm x 91cm)

Set of 4 Fleur de Lys Design Metal Fence Panels (112cm x 91cm)

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These decorative fencing panels are made from black painted steel and decorated with a fleur de lys pattern at the top that offers an attractive yet understated finish. Perfect for use along borders or pathways, this fencing also lends itself to being placed as a barrier if there’s a particular area in your garden that needs protecting - perhaps from an inquisitive pet. The upright spokes of each panel make great trellis, and the fence looks beautiful when in amongst the foliage.

Each panel measures 91cm wide by 112cm high, and they are connected with a simple hook and loop system – one edge of each panel has a hook that slots into the loop on the adjoining panel. This creates a ‘hinge’ that allows the fence to be angled at each join; ideal for use where borders are less than even.

A set of 8 ground pegs complete the package; these are driven into the ground to add stability and the fence panel simply slots on top of them.

* Pack of 4 decorative fleur de lys fencing panels
* Each panel measures 91cm wide x 112cm high
* Ground pegs included
* Black painted steel

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFL078
Dimensions: 1cm x 91cm x 112cm

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