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Set of 3 Large Wooden Bat Nesting Roosting Boxes

Set of 3 Large Wooden Bat Nesting Roosting Boxes

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As well as being one of the most threatened types of mammal in Britain, bats are also among the most misunderstood. Far from being nasty, dangerous animals, they are attractive small, furry insect eaters who need all the help they can get, and in return they will help to control a large range of garden insects.

Bats need a range of roosting sites, including summer daytime roosts, winter hibernation nests and breeding sites. You can help them find a suitable roost by putting up a simple bat box.

This large box is perfect for bats as the narrow entrance slot and strong timber will help to keep out predators and there is a landing strip for the bats to climb in and out.

* Bark roof and untreated wood
* Set of 3 Wooden Bat boxes
* Easy grip landing strip
* Landing strip

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFJ963
Dimensions: 10cm x 18cm x 28cm

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