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Set of 2 Wooden Slatted Garden Composters (65cm x 120cm)

Set of 2 Wooden Slatted Garden Composters (65cm x 120cm)

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These wooden slatted composters are an efficient way to create beautiful, rich compost. Measuring 65cm tall by 92cm deep by 120cm wide, meaning they will hold over 700 litres of material, with the gaps in between slats allowing constant aeration of the compost. This in turn makes for quicker breakdown of organic material.

The slats at the front of the composters can be removed individually, allowing easy access to the best compost at the base of your pile. The slats are treated with a clear preservative.

Coming flat packed, the composters do require home assembly - two side braces are screwed in (fixings included) and the rest of the pieces simply slot together.

* Requires home assembly
* Gaps allow for air flow
* Removable front slats
* Set of 2 composters

Spares available 

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFL175
Dimensions: 92cm x 120cm x 65cm

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