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Set of 2 Large Heated Seed Propagation Mat (60cm x 30cm)

Set of 2 Large Heated Seed Propagation Mat (60cm x 30cm)

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Heating the soil that seeds are planted in helps them to germinate quicker and get off to a strong start. These heated mats can be placed underneath pots or seed trays and will raise the temperature enough to get the seeds growing during the winter.

Easy to use (they just need plugging in), the mats have been custom made to accommodate a good number of plant pots; they are 60cm long and 30cm wide, a great size for large windowsills or greenhouse shelves.

The heating element of the mats is aluminium foil, which provides an even distribution of heat. The mats should not be folded as this will damage the element, however they can be carefully rolled up when not being used

* 40-50 degree max temperature
* 48 watt heated mat
* 1.8m cable
* Set of 2

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFJ555
Dimensions: 60cm x 30cm x 0cm

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