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Rolling Garden Lawn Compost Spreader (70 Litre Capacity)

Rolling Garden Lawn Compost Spreader (70 Litre Capacity)

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Top-dressing your grass is a tried and trusted method for helping produce a stunning looking lawn. Evenly applying compost, soil, peat or other organic materials improves the strength of your lawn, as well as addressing its imperfections by filling in and levelling holes, divots or other patches of wear and tear. Regularly dressing your lawn also helps keep it moist which in turn can prevent the build-up of thatch.

Our sturdy metal rolling compost spreader takes the strain out of lawn dressing; easy and efficient to use, simply open and fill the drum with the material of your choice, lock the latches, then roll over your lawn. The compost is distributed evenly, meaning no more shovelling and raking.

With a capacity of roughly 70 litres, the 61cm / 24-inch mesh drum gives excellent coverage and is simple to refill when depleted. The handle measures 30cm across and the roller measures 110cm tall when fully constructed. The mesh measure 1cm x 1cm.

* Sturdy metal rolling compost spreader
* Measures 110cm tall & 61cm wide
* Requires home assembly
* 70 litre capacity

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFL247
Dimensions: 40cm x 61cm x 110cm

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