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Telescopic Apple Collector with Bucket Clip

Telescopic Apple Collector with Bucket Clip

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Picking apples before they fall to the ground helps keep them in pristine condition - but this is not always possible; a windy day can lead to most of an apple crop ending up on the ground.

This rolling collector is a clever tool that enables speedy gathering of the fallen apples without bending down. The 33cm wide head has metal wire rods that keep their position until they are pushed over an apple (or other fruit), at which point they expand just enough to allow the fruit into the centre of the collecting head. The tension is such that they do not release the cargo until they are opened by the specially designed bucket clip. 

Coming with a telescopic handle that extends from 1m to 1.44m, the whole unit weighs just 1 kilo, and can contain up to 10 apples (depending on size and weight) in between bucket drops

* Lightweight apple collector
* Head measures 22cm x 30cm
* Measures 1.44m extended
* Bucket clip included
* Easy to use

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFK291
Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm x 144cm

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