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Plastic Slug & Snail Plant Protection Collars (Pack of 12)

Plastic Slug & Snail Plant Protection Collars (Pack of 12)

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These plastic collars are a simple yet effective way of protecting young plants. The collar acts as a barrier to slugs and snails, with an overhanging lip that can't be breached.

The collars can be placed over new shoots or pushed into the soft ground and sown directly into providing immediate protection.

Each collar measures 12cm tall and 24cm in diameter - and with 12 collars per pack, there's plenty here to protect your offerings.

* Simple to use - just push into the ground
* Humane slug and snails plant protection
* 12 slug collars per pack

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFJ868
Dimensions: 24cm x 24cm x 12cm

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