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Plastic Plant Protection Cloche Covers (Pack of 12)

Plastic Plant Protection Cloche Covers (Pack of 12)

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Help protect your seedlings and offer them the best chance of establishing with these easy-to-use plastic cloches. Simply place the cone shaped cloche over your young plant, dig the lip at the bottom into the soil and you’ve instantly provided a shield for your germination. The set comprises 12 cloches and each measure roughly 18cm deep by 19cm wide by 23cm tall.

These cloches offer good all-round protection from slugs and other pests that might take a liking to your plants as well as frost and other inclement weather. The domes help create a heated environment – like a mini-greenhouse – keeping the cold at bay, whilst the hole at the top of the cone ensures that it won’t overheat.

* Pack of 12 plant protection cloches
* Creates a heated environment
* Protects from cold and pests

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFL169
Dimensions: 18cm x 19cm x 23cm

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