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Plant Propagator Seed Tray Set with Full Spectrum USB Grow Lights (Pack of 5)

Plant Propagator Seed Tray Set with Full Spectrum USB Grow Lights (Pack of 5)

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This pack of 5 seed trays is perfect for windowsill growing and a great way to get your seedlings off to a good start. Each of the 5 plastic propagators comes with a base tray, transparent 12-cell seedling tray (with drainage holes), a clear lid, and a circular vent cover than can be used to adjust the heat and humidity of the tray. A pair of potting tools and set of 10 plant tags help make up the set.

What makes this growing pack that little bit more special is the inclusion of a full spectrum USB light in the circular vent covers for each tray; the lights sit in the vents on top of the lid and are connected by cable to a USB power source such as a USB plug or power bank (not included). Once connected, the lights can be set to on or off, or you can make use of the timer function which works in blocks of 4, 8, 12 or 18 hours. The lights can also be brightened or dimmed using the on-cable control unit. When sunlight is at a premium, these controllable lights make for a fine substitute to get your growing underway.

The full length of the USB cable is 2 metres, with each of the 5 branching light cables measuring around 67cm. The vent cover lights measure 6cm in diameter, with the connecting nub measuring 0.5cm in diameter.

* Pack of 5 seed tray propagators with adjustable vent covers
* USB powered growing lights (plug not included)
* Set includes potting tools and plant labels
* Light timer function
* Clear lids

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFL337
Dimensions: 19cm x 14cm x 16cm

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