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Plant Grafting Air Layering Set of 12 Root Propagating Balls

Plant Grafting Air Layering Set of 12 Root Propagating Balls

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Plant grafting, air layering or cloning, is the gardening technique of replicating your favourite growing by ‘creating’ new roots from which to grow another. If you fancy adding a new rose bush or fruit tree to your crop for example, these plant grafting balls can help speed things along.

Simply select the plant or tree you wish to clone and identify a branch to use for the purpose. Strip away roughly an inch of bark or top layer from the branch, then apply a little rooting powder for best results. Then, taking the appropriately sized grafting ball, fill it with compost and snap it closed around the bark-stripped area. Within roughly 45-60 days (depending on weather conditions) the darkness and moisture within the grafting ball promotes propagation and root growth – simply cut the branch or stem below the new roots and plant up for the beginnings of a brand-new plant or tree.

The set contains 4 grafting balls each of 3 different sizes (12 in total) – large at 12 x 13.5cm, medium measuring 8 x 10cm and small at 5.5 x 7cm.

* For cloning your favourite trees & plants
* 12 plant grafting balls
* 3 different sizes

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFL314
Dimensions: 12cm x 12cm x 13cm

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