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Manual Apple Scratter Pulper Pomace

Manual Apple Scratter Pulper Pomace

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In order to extract juice from apples they need to be pulped before pressing - without doing this the apples are too hard to be pressed effectively.

To make the pulp, they need to pass through a pomace machine - or scratter - a machine that basically mashes the apples up. This scratter is in a traditional style - it can be placed on top of the apple press so that the pulp falls directly into the straining bag, ready for pressing

Easily assembled at home, the stainless steel hopper measures 34cm x 30cm x 25cm. There are 8 rotating pulping cogs that are turned by a wheel that measures 36cm across.

* Large rotating handle
* Traditional design
* Assembly required

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFH126
Dimensions: 60cm x 70cm x 60cm

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