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Long Handled Metal Garden Bulb Planter

Long Handled Metal Garden Bulb Planter

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Make the perfect size hole for your bulbs with this long handled planter. During the summer months, the ground can become hardened and compacted with lower rainfall and higher usage during the holidays. This can lead to issues when trying to plant bulbs in the autumn.

This long handled bulb planter can help. Easy to use; simply stand on the foot rest and apply pressure to insert the corer into the ground, the planter punches the perfect size hole for a bulb and at the ideal depth - then the soil core from the planter can be removed and replaced.

* Creates a hole up to 6cm diameter and 10cm deep
* Perfect for Daffodils & Tulips
* Metal bulb planter
* 100cm long
* Easy to use

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFJ290
Dimensions: 10cm x 20cm x 100cm

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