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Interlocking Growbag Mat for Improved Drainage (set of 16)

Interlocking Growbag Mat for Improved Drainage (set of 16)

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Stained decking? Waterlogged patio and stagnant under base of growbag – does this sound familiar?

>Our interlocking growbag mats can help - the plastic mats have 4cm x 3cm "honeycombs" that let water through and 2cm channels in the base to let it drain away from the bag, keeping stagnation at bay.

The free draining environment ensures healthy plant growth and a potential increase in crop yield (ensure the drain holes around the top half of the growbag are positioned to allow excess water to escape).

The perfect companion to any growbag, each mat measures 22 by 17 centimetres (1.2 centimetres high) and interlocks with its neighbour. This adaptability allows you to create the shape and style your growbag requires.

8 grids fit together to form the ideal size for the average growbag (roughly 88cm x 34cm). They are suited to any garden, greenhouse, grow house, patio or other growing space, are washable, and fit for use time and again.

* Fitted dimensions: 34cm LD x 176cm W x 1cm H
* Sold as a set of 16
* Reusable

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFD998
Dimensions: 34cm x 176cm x 1cm

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