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Hedgehog Highway Fence Gates (Pack of 2)

Hedgehog Highway Fence Gates (Pack of 2)

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Hedgehogs like to be on the move and can travel up to a mile at night as they go about their search for food and companionship. Fenced gardens can prove to be an insurmountable obstacle for our spiky friends, however. A simple and effective way of helping them travel is by opening an enclosed garden using these hedgehog gates. To use them, simply cut a small hole at the bottom of your fence (roughly 13cm x 13cm should do the trick) then frame the opening with these decorative metal borders (screws included).

Not only do these gates help in aiding free movement for hedgehogs, but they look great too, and the metal will stop other animals from gnawing at the opening, potentially widening it further.

* For aiding hedgehog movement
* Pack of 2 hedgehog gates
* Screws included

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFL443
Dimensions: 1mm x 19cm x 23cm

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