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Hanging Bird Feeder with Integral Squirrel Baffle (Set of 2)

Hanging Bird Feeder with Integral Squirrel Baffle (Set of 2)

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These hanging bird feeders come complete with an integral baffle to try to stop pesky squirrels getting at the bird food. The feeding tray is positioned underneath the baffle, which in turn is adjustable in its position on the hanging hook. The adjustable level enables the baffle to be raised or lowered to achieve the perfect position to let the birds in but (hopefully) keep the squirrels out.

The baffle also provides protection from other predators such as swooping birds of prey and cats. Made from see-through plastic, it has the bonus of being able to view the feeding birds. Measuring 30cm wide, the feeder tray measures 20cm and the hook is 4.5cm across.

* Adjustable baffle and feeder levels
* See-through for bird viewing
* Easy home assembly
* Large hanging hook
* Pack of 2

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFL191
Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm x 28cm

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