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Growbag Pot Bamboo Clip (Set of 3)

Growbag Pot Bamboo Clip (Set of 3)

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The Selections bamboo clip is a simple yet effective item for assisting with plant support. Utilising the flexibility and strength of bamboo canes, this little unit will hold them in place without the use of twine or another perishable material.

This clip holds most sizes of bamboo cane in place - the 4 notches allow the bamboo to be positioned easily and adjusted if need be. The clips are designed to hold up to 5 bamboo canes together - one in each circular holder and one in the centre.

These clips work well with growbags and grow pots to create a sturdy and cost-effective plant support and grow system – ideal for your tomato plants, runner beans, or other climbers. With this set of 3 you can easily set up multiple growing structures around your garden, ready for your crops to be sown.

* Each clip holds up to 5 bamboo canes
* Adds support to your cane structures
* Measures 5.5 cm

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFA772
Dimensions: 0cm x 5cm x 5cm

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