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Greenhouse Staging Shelving Racking 4 Tier (Pack of 2)

Greenhouse Staging Shelving Racking 4 Tier (Pack of 2)

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This popular shelving is designed to be used in the greenhouse, buts is so versatile its use is not limited to this. It can be used in the garage, garden shed, utility room or anywhere that a lightweight but strong set of shelves is needed. Well made and free standing, it is easy to assemble and comes in a value set of 2.

This shelving is ideal in any type of greenhouse but can be especially useful where you growing space is limited, such as in a lean-to smaller growhouse. With four shelves it will help to maximise the space available, while the mesh panels create good ventilation for your plants and seedlings.

* Versatile, free standing storage space
* Strong & durable shelving
* Easy to assemble
* Set of 2

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFH753
Dimensions: 28cm x 90cm x 106cm

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