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Durlston Green Chalet Bird Seed & Nut Feeders (Set of 4)

Durlston Green Chalet Bird Seed & Nut Feeders (Set of 4)

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The central hanging wire makes this feeder easy to hang from branches or feeder stations. Whilst it is stable for song birds to perch and feed on, the design makes it less stable for large birds such as pigeons, and dare we say it - squirrels (although we would suggest a squirrel baffle to make sure of this).

Sold in a great value set of 4, these feeders both have a capacity of 600 grams and can take either seed or nuts. The lids have a simple twist and lock opening mechanism that make it possible to refill while hanging.

The feeder base has drainage holes in the base to keep the tray from filling with water and has 6 feeding ports to enable all round dining; this makes viewing easier and increases the potential for attracting a large variety of birds to the feeder.

* 6 feeding ports for all round viewing
* Set of 4 strong plastic feeders
* Central hanging wire
* 24cm hanging wire
* Easy to refill

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFK137
Dimensions: 20cm x 20cm x 22cm

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