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Set of 3 Garden Composting Bags (45cm x 85cm)

Set of 3 Garden Composting Bags (45cm x 85cm)

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This pack of 3 composter bags are a great space-saving solution for turning garden and kitchen waste into beautiful compost. These polyethylene composting bags are designed to be reused and can simply be washed and flat-packed when not required. The lid is zipped to keep the heat in helping to accelerate the decomposition process, and of course makes for easy access filling. Each bag features stitched handles making moving them around much easier.

When you’re ready to access your nutrient rich compost, a panel at the bottom of each bag simply rolls up allowing you get right to the black gold so beloved by gardeners.. Each bag can hold roughly 125 litres of organic waste.

* Zipped lid opens for easy access
* Bottom flap for access to compost
* Pack of 3 bags

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFL474
Dimensions: 45cm x 45cm x 85cm

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