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Deluxe Lightweight Telescopic Apple & Fruit Picker

Deluxe Lightweight Telescopic Apple & Fruit Picker

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Picking fruit before it falls to the ground and bruises is easy from the lower branches, but the juiciest fruit is always out of reach in the upper branches

Our deluxe fruit picker has an extending aluminium pole that extends from 0.9 meters to 2.4 meters. This is ideal for reaching to the tops of apple, plum & pear trees, with a twist and lock mechanism that holds the pole at the required length. Lightweight and strong, the pole supports a fruit picking basket with large picking 'teeth' that surround the stalk of the fruit.

The sturdy lightweight pole and basket collectively weighs just 750g, perfect for long days picking from an orchard. Once you find your fruit, a gentle tug pops it into the bag ready for lowering to the ground. Simply push the caught fruit out of the bag and continue picking

* Telescopic lightweight handle gives 2.4m reach
* 15 centimetre basket diameter
* Weight 0.750 kilograms
* Easy to use

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFD711
Dimensions: 90cm x 15cm x 240cm

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