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Cast Iron Boot Jack and Scraper with a Pair of Beetle Boot Jacks

Cast Iron Boot Jack and Scraper with a Pair of Beetle Boot Jacks

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This attractive cast iron pack is designed to help remove boots and shoes without you having to bend down.

In a vintage style, the Bruton boot jack and shoe scraper is made from durable cast iron and does not rust when left outside. The generous bristles are ideal for cleaning mud and debris off your footwear and the boot jack is perfect for removing wellies after a bracing walk or day spent gardening.

The sturdy cast iron beetle boot jacks that accompany the Bruton provide an easy way to lift your feet out of muddy boots and wellies without having to kneel, crouch or bend.

Our handy boot pull is modelled on an interesting beetle shape and painted black with styled antennae, wings, head and feet. The antennae of the beetle serve as the hook for your boots, whilst you stand on the beetle's back to provide stability for the hook. To remove muddy boots, simply lift your heel through the antennae whilst pushing down on the beetle's back and lift your foot out of the boot.

This handy boot jack pack makes a brilliant feature for any porch, entrance and or boot room.

* Cast Iron boot scraper and jack set
* Pair of beetle boot jacks
* Scraper with brushes

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFL176
Dimensions: 23cm x 27cm x 11cm

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