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Bracket Fence Panel Over Fence Hooks (Set of 8)

Bracket Fence Panel Over Fence Hooks (Set of 8)

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Designed to slot over the top of fence panels, these handy hanging hooks enable you to break up the visual monotony of a stretch of fencing with anything from flat backed wall baskets, wall troughs and half-moon planters to string lights. No drilling or tools required, the lip of each hook measures roughly 5cm (2 inches) - so can accommodate fence panels to match.

Coming in a fantastic value set of 8, these brackets measure 11cm long in total, with approximately 6cm protruding from the fence. They're made from black painted steel - there may be some aging in time. We recommend that you check the integrity of your fence panels before use, to make sure they can stand the weight of whatever you choose to hang.

* Fence panel hanger
* 11cm hook length
* 5cm hanging lip
* Set of 8

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFK839
Dimensions: 11cm x 1cm x 10cm

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