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Bamboo Cane Flexible Fruit Cage Connectors (Pack of 30)

Bamboo Cane Flexible Fruit Cage Connectors (Pack of 30)

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Keep pests and birds off precious crops with these easy to use 'Flexi balls'. Made from a soft (but very tough) plastic, these balls each have 6 connecting ports for bamboo canes that can be used by the gardener to make pretty much any shape required - just cut the canes to suit, fix to the ground and attach the required size of netting over the frame.

The design allows the cane to be pushed into one of the holes in the ball as the side grooves in each secure the cane. Then more canes can be added and subsequently connected to others until you have your desired cage, cover or support. The cover can be made from netting, plastic or fleece as required.

As the protection offered is flexible, the size of the cage can be adjusted as necessary as the crops grow, develop and ripen.

* Make frames for protective netting, fleece, polythene
* Ideal for DIY fruit cages, cloches and tunnels
* Tapered holes to fit all standard cane sizes
* Heavy duty soft plastic construction
* Diameter for canes approx 12mm
* Set of 30 flexible balls

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFL379
Dimensions: 5cm x 5cm x 5cm

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