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Apple Scratter Fruit Pulping Bucket

Apple Scratter Fruit Pulping Bucket

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The perfect solution to pulping your fruit for juicing and brewing. To get the most juice from your fruit, it is best to pulp them first as this increases the surface area, which releases the maximum juice. Pulping (or scratting) apples can be done in a variety of ways; this bucket offers a simple solution for those wishing to pulp on a reasonably small scale.

Holding 10 litres of pulp, it is extremely easy to use, the stainless pulping arm attaches to a domestic drill and rotates to effectively pulp the fruit before straining. Once the pulp has been made, the lid can be released, and the pulp scooped into the press.

The bucket measures 25cm wide by 28cm deep, while the stainless-steel arm measures 28cm by 15cm and 4cm wide, with a 9mm thick rod that will fit most domestic drills.

* Stainless pulp arm can be driven by a domestic drill
* Great way to pulp your fruit on a budget
* 10 litre capacity

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFG077
Dimensions: 25cm x 25cm x 28cm

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