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3 in 1 Lawn Aerator, Hollow Tine Aerator & Edger

3 in 1 Lawn Aerator, Hollow Tine Aerator & Edger

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Keep your lawn in tip-top condition with this all-in-one tool, which is made of sturdy carbon steel and comprises 3 interchangeable heads – a lawn edger, a 4-prong lawn spike aerator and 2-prong hollow tine aerator. The heads simply bolt on using the supplied spanner.

Aerating your lawn is a must, allowing for better drainage, air-circulation and helping break through the thatch layer than can build up over time. The solid tine aerator head has 4 spikes and is perfect for making smaller holes in soil aiding general aeration and wellbeing. For more compacted soil, the hollow tine aerator head is the key, removing larger soil plugs quickly and effectively.

The third tool head is the lawn edger; great for keeping those grassy edges uniform and looking good. Simply line up the tool where you want to cut and push the edging head into the ground using your foot.

* Lawn edger, solid tine aerator, hollow tine aerator heads
* Bolt on heads with spanners included
* Sturdy metal construction
* 97cm long

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFL308
Dimensions: 97cm x 24cm x 6cm

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