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18 Litre Traditional Fruit and Apple Cider Press with Cross Bar and T Handle

18 Litre Traditional Fruit and Apple Cider Press with Cross Bar and T Handle

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This traditional press has a 18 litre capacity and is great for all kinds of home brewing. Ideal for pressing apples to make cider (as well as other fruits for fruit juice), this attractive, traditionally styled 18 litre fruit press will produce plenty of juice from your apple harvest.

Well designed and constructed to the highest standard, the press comprises a steel base plate with a hardwood pressing basket. The base plate features a lip for easy juice collection as well as a wide stance for stability.

The feet of the press have small anchoring holes if needed, for additional stability; meaning the whole unit can be firmly attached to the floor ensuring the press stays in the correct position when pressing large quantities of juice.

This press also features a cross bar and T handle set up, that enables the pressing plate to be solid and the basket not to have a spindle running up through the centre (as is found on simpler models). This increases the capacity and makes filling and pressing a simpler task as it does not have to accommodate this spindle.

* 18 litre fruit press with T handle
* No internal spindle
* Increased capacity
* Comes assembled

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFH850
Dimensions: 28cm x 40cm x 120cm

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