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Plant Irrigation Spikes Reservoir Fed (Pack of 10)

Plant Irrigation Spikes Reservoir Fed (Pack of 10)

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Watering plants when it's hot is a necessary chore - and if you forget, the results can be very disappointing! These irrigation spikes can help, keeping plants well-watered with a steady flow of water, dispersed through dripping at an adjustable rate through a reservoir. The reservoir measures 6cm across by 2cm deep and gravity keeps the water at a constant level until the water source is depleted,

Measuring 28cm high, the water is fed into the reservoir from a bottle - pretty much any size will fit on the holder - and from the reservoir the water drips through a nozzle that has a simple to use flow rate adjuster. Simply fill your bottle and set the flow rate as required, then place the spike next to the plant that you wish to water.

* Gravity fed reservoir irrigation watering spike
* Extremely easy to use and reliable
* Great value set of 10
* Bottle not included

Brand: Selections
Product Code: GFH959
Dimensions: 6cm x 6cm x 28cm

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