We take our reponsibility to the planet, it's people and resources very seriously and are taking concious steps towards supporting a circular economy, doing our bit to help eliminate waste and reduce the continual use of resources.

We believe that a sustainable world can and should be achieved without a reduction in the quality of life for consumers, so sustainability and organisational environmental performance is a key concern for our business. 


Environmental and Sustainability Review


In reviewing our environmental performance, these are some of the questions that we are currently asking:

  • How ethical is our supply chain?
  • How can we make our supply chain more sustainable?
  • What are the environmental impacts of our products when used or discarded?
  • How much CO2 do our employees generate when travelling for business?
  • What should we be doing to reduce the carbon footprint of our organisation?
  • Can all our packaging materials be reused, recycled or composted?